Shellie impresses me with her broad knowledge and experiences, and a continuing desire to learn. She has been an accomplished engineer and successful leader in her professional field. I have seen her successfully undertake equally serious roles – mother, small business owner, and engaged volunteer leader in Church and community. Her prioritizes family, relationships, and faith. Shellie enjoys a keen intellect and sense of humor and appreciates a good cup of coffee and conversation. In my experience she has never abandoned a commitment because it was unpopular or difficult; she is the one who stepped in where others stepped back and worked all the harder, with a smile on her face encouraging others.

Mark Alenius

Flight Test Engineer, B.S. Aerospace Engineering, Texas A&M

My wife and I have known Shellie for over 7 years through our church, and she is one of the hardest working, competent, and intelligent people I know.

Brandon Dixon

Flight Test Engineer, Software Engineer, B. S. C. S., Baylor University

Shellie Gardner brings the intelligence and toughness our country desperately needs. I am proud to have been her friend for 16 years and wholeheartedly support her candidacy for the US House of Representatives.

Jeff S. Holmes, P.E.

Engineer and Specification Coordinator, B.S. Computer Science Texas A&M, M.S., Software Engineering, TCU

We have known Shellie for over 15 years. She has always impressed us as a thoughtful and inquisitive person, engaging and focused on addressing problems by looking for root causes.

Shellie has a degree in engineering and uses that degree as a successful small business owner. We count Shellie and her husband as good and valued friends. We would do well to have her represent us in congress.

Allan Jackson

Retired, Bass Enterprises

My name is Marsue Williams. My husband Bill and I support Shellie Gardner and her
candidacy for District 12, US Representative.

We know Shellie, her husband and their
two boys to be people of character through their involvement with the Budget and Finance Committee at Westwood Baptist.

We are particularly excited about her work and her passion as an Electrical Engineer.

My family as is Bill’s and some of our closest friends are engineers. We know that they
look at life a little differently. They come with a determination and a drive as to how they
can assist with curing problems.

We think she will take Washington by storm.

What she says she will do as a representative of District 12… you can count on it.

Marsue Williams

Realtor, Allie Beth Allman & Associates

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